gas chromatograph / FID / laboratory / natural gas
292B AMETEK Process Instruments


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    laboratory, natural gas

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The production and custody transfer of natural gas need a precise measurement of the composition of the gas. The desired composition, heating value and relative density of the gas being sold or transported is defined by many contractual requirements. When the installation of analyzer is costly or impractical, the analysis of the critical components in natural gas ensures accurate results.

The hassle and inaccuracy of portable gas analysis id eliminated by Chandler. The field technicians can now perform the required gas quality tests without much effort. Hence, they are more accurate... On site. The equipment eliminates the DOT concerns over transporting natural gas samples along with eliminating the concerns over accurate sample acquisition and transport.

The analysis can be started with a single touch of a button. To ensure accurate, reliable and repeatable analysis, the sample transport, signal integration and system diagnostics are handled within the unit.