AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / programmable / digital
max. 312 V, 5.5 - 33 kVA | California Instruments CSW series AMETEK Programmable Power


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    rack-mount, programmable, digital, for EMI/EMC


AC, DC or AC+DC Output
A direct coupled, transformerless design allows AC and DC on separate phases or on the same phase. The CSW can be used as a true DC power supply. High DC content waveforms (up to 312 volts) can be created with no derating of output power, even with 100% reactive loads, eliminating the need for a separate DC supply. Waveform programming is easily accomplished using the Graphical Users Interface software. Waveforms can be uploaded and modified from a digital scope. The waveforms can then be downloaded to the CSW and output to precisely simulate real-world conditions.