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On-line UPS / military
Elgar GUPS series AMETEK Programmable Power


  • Technology:


  • Applications:


  • Output power:

    1920 W

  • Voltage:

    115 V

  • Input voltage:

    Min.: 85 V

    Max.: 280 V

  • Output power kVA:

    2.4 kVA (3.22 hp)


Elgar GUPS are ruggedized on-line "UPS's" that accept a broad range of worldwide utility and military AC/DC input power. Without operator intervention, they automatically select the appropriate input power ranges to accommodate global operation.

The GUPS Series has been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of mobile applications. They meet the vibration and shock requirements as specified in MIL-STD-810E, Methods 514.4 and 516.4. Their rackmounted aluminum chassis with stainless steel hardware withstands harsh environments and provides a strong, light weight enclosure.


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