resistance temperature sensor / insertion / screw-in / precision
1400 Series AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration



  • Technology:


  • Mounting:

    insertion, screw-in

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, stainless steel, 2-wire, compact, 3-wire, with cable, high-precision, 4-wire, rugged, with thermowell, IP65, plug-in, high-accuracy, pre-calibrated, economical, straight

  • Applications:

    process, for gas turbines, HVAC, air

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 600 °C (1,112 °F)

    600 °C (1,112 °F)


The 1400 Series Industrial Temperature Sensors are resistance thermometers with fixed or interchangeable inserts made for temperatures up to 600°C. Welded or drilled thermowells for low and high pressure, either screwed in or welded to the process. Manufactured with quality in mind, use our sensors to keep your systems running at full potential, minimizing costly process downtime.

Seven different models cover a wide range of fields and applications:

• Chemical process engineering
• Heat and ventilation (HVAC)
• Heat and energy distribution (district heating)
• Machine construction and environmental engineering
• Incinerators
• Boilers
• Power plants
• Drying equipment