resistance temperature sensor / thermocouple / screw-in / insertion
1500, 1600 Series AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration



  • Technology:

    thermocouple, resistance

  • Mounting:

    insertion, screw-in

  • Other characteristics:

    mineral-insulated, stainless steel, 2-wire, pre-calibrated, high-accuracy, encapsulated, small, redundant, 3-wire, 4-wire, insulated, high-precision, straight, with thermocouple output, flexible, rugged, with cable, precision, shielded, fast-response, custom, economical

  • Applications:

    water, process, autoclave, for pipelines, for pharmaceutical autoclaves, high-temperature, for liquids, for metals, for storage tanks, for washing machines, HVAC, air, for gas, for the food industry, for marine applications, air duct, autoclave drain, laboratory, engine, room, for grain, for the plastics industry, for ovens, for hydraulic fluids, for soil thermal profile measurement, stator winding, for medical applications, for the pharmaceutical industry, for refineries, for the automotive industry

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 1,100 °C (2,012 °F)

    1,100 °C (2,012 °F)


The 1500 and 1600 Series Industrial Temperature Sensors are mineral insulated thermocouple and resistance thermometer assemblies for use up to 1100°C.

Two different models cover a wide range of fields and applications:

• Power plants – turbines and steam tubes
• Process industry – petrochemical, combustion, furnaces, and heat treatment
• Engines – exhaust and material
• Machinery in laboratories and experimental plants
• Containers – pipelines and chemical apparatus