Liquid filled Bourdon tube pressure gauge
max. 6 000 psi | P1550 series AMETEK U.S. GAUGE

Series 1550 liquid filled gauges combine low cost and high accuracy with a rugged stainless steel case and brass internals for corrosive and high vibration environments.

Typical applications include: pumps, compressors, HVAC, petrochemical
processing, and power generation.

Series 1550 gauges are available in stem (Model 1555 & 1559) or panel mount (Model 1558) configurations with brass socket; phosphor bronze Bourdon tubes are supplied to meet specific customer requirements.

Series 1550 gauges come in 18 vacuum, compound, and gauge pressure ranges (see specifications). Glycerin is standard fill fluid, with silicone or mineral oil available on request. Dry (unfilled) gauges can also be supplied, off-theshelf, by your local stocking U.S. Gauge distributor.


1½”, 2", 2½”, 4"
For Stem Mounting: 300 Series stainless steel, solid back case with stainless steel crimped ring. BUNA-N® multi-function plug with removable nipple for venting, pressure relief, and liquid fill access (Model 1555 & 1559) For Panel Mount Units: Incorporate 3-hole stainless steel front mounting flange (Model 1558)


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