Panel-mount miniature Bourdon tube pressure gauge
15 - 2 000 psi | P562 AMETEK U.S. GAUGE

Specially designed to conserve space, these gauges are available for panel
mounting and are widely used on medical and dental equipment where panel space is limited. Available in pressure or vacuum ranges, the 1-1/2” miniature panel
mount is the smallest circular gauge available for this use. A special feature,
the breakaway U-Clamp, permits adjustment for panel thickness up to 0.14”.

*CASE:Drawn steel with studs, black corrosion-resistant paint, furnished with U-clamp and nuts, zinc plated
* RING: Brass, flanged (threaded) chrome plated finish
* WINDOW:Polycarbonate
* POINTER:Aluminum, black finish
* DIAL: Steel, cupped, white background with black markings
* BOURDON TUBE: Pressure ranges above 15 psi up to 600 psi are phosphor bronze, soft soldered; Vacuum, 15 psi and ranges 600 psi and above are beryllium copper, soft soldered below 600 psi and silver brazed at 600 psi and above
* CONNECTION: 1/8-27 NPT CBM, brass RANGE: 30" Hg VAC, through 2000 psi ACCURACY: ±3-2-3% of span (Grade B)


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