mechanical clamp / steel / adjustable / high-speed



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    steel, adjustable, high-speed

  • Applications:

    machining, workpiece

  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 30 kN

    Max.: 49 kN


Steplessly adjustable clamping element made of alloyed tempered steel in forged, galvanised design.
Complete with mounting.
Compression piece in smooth and riffled variant optionally available.
Specified clamping forces in optimal clamping position (smallest distance of the clamping screw to the clamping position). Clamping forces can deviate depending on the clamping, strength class of the clamping screw and condition of the thread (lubrication).
** Size 43 kN available from June 2016.

1. Position and fasten carrier element on the tool table.
2. The base element can be pushed into the desired position on the carrier element. After this is done, it is ready for operation.
3. The height of the clamping arm can be adjusted continuously by actuating the adjusting bolt, which clamps the workpiece.
4. The very robust design enables quick and easy clamping.

To reduce wear to the adjusting bolt, we recommend using AMF screw compound No. 6339. It possesses a synergistic combination of highly-effective solid lubricants and is heat-resistant and does not wash out.

- Low installation height
- Up to 30 kN or 43 kN clamping force
- Continuously adjustable in height and length
- Use in T-grooves 14-24 mm or grid pallets M12 and M16
- 2 thrust-piece variants