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Vacuum tweezer Vacuum tweezer - 1610WG
  • Vacuum tweezer


Gripper with counterbalance function

For part handling in the machine tool.
The pneumatically driven gripper is used for inserting tools from a magazine or similar into a clamping device in the machine tool. The gripper is unloaded from the tool magazine and loaded into the machine spindle for this purpose.
It is actuated via compressed air, which is routed through the machine spindle.
The medium is used to close the gripper. It is reset by means of spring force.
Positioning compensation:
For the exact positioning of components, e.g. against stops, the gripper is provided with self-resetting compensating elements. This solution, integrated into the gripper, considerably eases the handling of unmachined parts or semi-finished products and relieves the machine spindle.

Overload protection:
The gripper has safety devices which prevent spindle damage and expensive tool repairs in the event of a collision.
The maximum workpiece weight per gripper is 60 kg. The length of the tool holder (dimension L4) can vary depending on version and manufacturer.

Grip inserts:
Not supplied as standard.
- Affordable automation solution
- Suitable for the handling of diverse workpieces
- High gripping force
- Compensating function: X/Y: +/- 1 mm, Z: 8 mm, C: +/- 2.5°
- Overload protection against tool and machine spindle damage