water filter / cartridge / self-cleaning / automatic
Omega 54K Amiad Water Systems



  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, self-cleaning, ATEX

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: 2 bar (29.008 psi)

    Max.: 16 bar (232.06 psi)

  • Flow rate:

    2,250 m³/h (79,458 ft³/h)


Multi-screen design based on Amiad’s proven suction-scanning screen filtration technology
Highly efficient self-cleaning mechanism to handle heavy dirt loads
Remarkable operation in fine filtration degrees, down to 10 micron
Compact footprint
Exceptionally high filtration area and flow rate per unit
ASME/ATEX/IECEX available upon request
Applications: Industrial, Municipal and Irrigation