Ribbon mixer / batch / powder / for the food industry
VM amixon GmbH


  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Application:


  • Application domain:

    for the food industry, for the chemical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    for powders, vertical, single-shaft, cutting


This Vertical single-shaft mixer is perfect for mixing dry and moist, as well as viscous materials, at different filling levels. The spiral mixing blade initiates a three dimensional flow of the mixing of goods, creating a helical upward movement on the periphery and the downward flow of the center. This conical miser ensures a superior result and a complete discharge. It can be used for a dry powder, liquids as well as wet suspensions paste and dough. Additionally characteristics the spiral mixing tool initiates a three dimensional flow for the mixing of goods, which creates a spiral upward movement on the periphery and the resulting downward flow in the center. This conical mixer guarantees excellent mising results and a compete discharge. This can be used for dry powder, wet suspension along with paste, dough and liquids. Should the process of mixing require de-agglomeration, high speed cutting rotor are install-able.


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