Vacuum dryer / batch / for the food industry / for the chemical industry
VMT amixon GmbH


  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for the chemical industry, for the food industry

  • Associated function:

    mixer, reactor

  • Other characteristics:



The VMT mixing reactor and vacuum mixing dryer provides very gentle drying at fast reaction rate for various viscous, moist and dry materials at changing filling levels.
Its spiral mixing blade creates a 3D flow of the mixing material which moves it upward in a spiral movement on the periphery and downward at the center.
The reactor is pressure and vacuum tight and it can be heated by thermal oil, steam or water. Every part is temperature controlled, including the mixing arms, spiral blade and the mixing vessel.
The vacuum-rated mixer can be made to comply to FDA standards so as to be used as a sterile reactor and mixer. In that case it is also compatible to EHEDG and 3a sanitary standards.
The spiral tools, shaft and arms are jacketed and heated. It guarantees quick and gentle drying and it is applicable in the case of all kinds of moist powders, paste, dough, wet suspensions and liquids. It offers the option of installing high-speed rotors for processes that require de-agglomeration. The mixing device has a top side drive which uses only one top bearing. Finally, the device has an industry-standard surface finish and it complies with all pharmaceutical and sanitary requirements. It requires little installation space.


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