electric bending machine / profile / horizontal / 3 drive rollers
MAH 120/3 AC AMOB – Tube, Pipe and Profile Bending Technology



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:


  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, 3 drive rollers, vertical, pyramid type


The MAH 120/3 AC machine is engineered to incorporate three driven rolls of standard design. It is provided with efficient guide rolls. The machine allows both vertical and horizontal operating positions.

The bottom rolls of the machine are configurable through a digital display system and can be adjusted hydraulically. A foot pedal is provided to conduct operations, along with a protective safety device. The machine is equipped with adequate protection against overloading. It confirms to CE guidelines.

The machine is available with a vast range of optional accessories such as speed variation units, pulling arm contraption and respective rolls, hydraulic guide rolls, digital display for the guide rolls, specialized rolls to accommodate tubes/profiles, angle bending guide rolls that are mechanical/hydraulic in nature, etc.