electromechanical bending machine / manual / for tubes / NC
PT 127 AMOB – Tube, Pipe and Profile Bending Technology



  • Operation:

    electromechanical, manual

  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    NC, mandrel, draw

  • Tube diameter:

    127 mm

  • Bending radius:

    450 mm


The CMSM127 is an electromechanical rotary draw bender, which is equipped with an NC-programmable digital readout. It can accommodate mild steel with a measurement of Ø127X3 mm. Any angle can be bent to 180° using a programmable material with a spring back compensation. The bender is suitable for manufacturing consistent bends in a large diameter pipe and tube.

The machine features a quick-change tooling system and easy access to operating modes.