All-electric bending machine / steel tube / CNC
eMOB 150 CNC AMOB – Tube, Pipe and Profile Bending Technology


  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    steel tube

  • Other characteristics:


  • Tube diameter:

    Min.: 10 mm

    Max.: 150 mm

  • Bending radius:

    400 mm


The AMOB all-electric CNC eMOB series features state-of-the-art bending technology. Processing tube from 10mm up to 150mm OD, these machines have multi-stack capability. They can bend fixed and variable radiuses within the same cycle and allow bending with no straight between them. A carriage booster allows bends with radiuses as tight as 1D and eliminates clamping marks. Welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading/unloading systems are also available.

eMOB series machines are all equipped with the newly updated user-friendly AMOB 3D SOFTWARE. Amongst other features it allows automatic spring-back compensation as well as correction “in cycle”, stores tooling configuration and positions, runs anti-collision and interpolates all 9 axis. This shortens setting up and cycle times, eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process. Ideal for those working with premium materials, where any error is critical.


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