RF connector / DIN / circular / bayonet
NEPTUNE series Amphenol



  • Type:


  • Format:


  • Shape:


  • Connection type:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Current:

    Min.: 30 A

    Max.: 400 A

  • Voltage:

    600 V


Amphenol Industrial Global Operations proudly announces their Neptune connectors, now listed as UL 1682. Providing ratings from 30 A to 400 A at 600 V, these connectors are used in plugs, mount receptacles and inline receptacles. The connectors are fitted with Amphenol's Starline series contact system allowing for more amperage and voltage through small connectors. These innovative Neptune connectors are extremely lightweight and hence are half the size of similar other connectors in the market. This allows for not just more flexibility, but reduced footprint option too. Their competency enables them to be used in demanding environments like and offshore oil exploration equipment, modular power generation equipment, pumps, welders, compressors, portable diesel and turbine generator equipment, shipping docks, cell base stations, ports power distribution and petrochemical applications.