electrical power supply connector / board-to-board / USB / square
RADSOK® R4 series Amphenol



  • Type:

    electrical power supply

  • Format:

    board-to-board, USB

  • Shape:


  • Current:

    Min.: 35 A

    Max.: 200 A


The RADSOK® R4 high current contact system was introduced by Amphenol Industrial Global Operations and is often regarded as the next generation of power connectors. The construction is a laser welded one and is able to deliver the same performance as previous models, but in a smaller package, being optimized for high-volume manufacturing.

The connectors are available for wire-to-board, board-to-board and busbar-to-board configurations. In addition to this, the device can also accommodate a power between 35A and more than 200A. The hyperbolic grid contact of the system also provides multiple points of contact and a high-contact surface area, as well as low-contact resistant power transmission.