SMT connector / backplane / rectangular / high-density
NeXLev® Amphenol



  • Format:

    SMT, backplane

  • Shape:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Data rate:

    Max.: 12.5 GB/s

    Min.: 0 GB/s


NeXLev is a product series manufactured and distributed by Amphenol, one of the industry leaders in terms of technologies. This particular item is a parallel board connector, which can handle data rates at impressive speeds, of up to 12.5Gbps. In addition to this, the design is a robust one, but does not compromise quality.

The item comes with a connector, which can be routed to offer support for various architectures. In addition to this, there are no less than 20 stacking heights available, between 10mm to 33mm. So buy now and enjoy a highly reliable, durable product.