liquid dispensing system / volumetric / piston
max. 40 p/min AMTEC Packaging Machines



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    volumetric, piston


VERTIwrap liquid dosing system measuring 1550×1160×1480 mm and weighing 480–600 kg is a heavy-duty dosing and packaging system with high-quality standard components. It is a cost-effective solution cheaper than many second-hand machines and comes in many variants. It features a stainless steel (304) tank with a stirrer having overall dimensions 1000×1000×1800 mm and capacity 150 L. The twin piston pump made of the same stainless steel body incorporates 1.5 L cylinder (O.D×I.D×L = 167×158×370 mm) and SS316 ball valve. Outlet is through a Teflon-coated SS304 nozzle. The packing unit constitutes AMTEC P60L vertical unit, vacuum film-pulling belts, PE sealing system, and packing bags of dimension (100–300)×(80–240 mm). Packaging can be intelligently controlled using a MITSUBISHI PLC managed with WEINVIEW touchscreen panel. The unit affords 40 bags/min and works effectively with triple-ply co-extruded LLDPE.
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