video corpo

plastic sheet extrusion line / for PP / for PVC / for PE



  • Type:

    plastic sheet

  • Treated material:

    for PP, for PVC, for PE, for PET, for PS, for EVA, for PMMA, for ABS

  • Other characteristics:



• Food packaging
Sheet for thermoformed food packaging, with and without barrier layer. Layers can be co-extruded or laminated for airtight seal. They can be treated for printing or metalizing. Specialty execution for formfill-seal automatic lines.
Materials: PET, PS, PE, PP, EVA, EVOH.

• Multipurpose and pharmaceutical blister packaging
Sheet for thermoformed packaging for consumer
goods display, for medicine tablets or capsules blister,
treated for the hermetic seal welding or bonding.
Materials: PET, PVC.

• Paper & cardboard industry
Sheet and foils for stationery items (binders, folders, catalogues, files) or gift, cosmetic and perfume boxes packaging. Single or multilayer foils, with surface embossing and treatment for printing, cut and stacked in reams for further process.
Materials: PET, PP, PVC.

• Furniture industry
Single or co-extruded sheets for panels covering of domestic furniture, mostly kitchens. Also for edge bands production, with wood grain surface embossing, primer coating, printing with UV drying system.
Materials: ABS, PMMA, PVC, PP.