atomic absorption spectrometer / process / automated
ZEEnit 650 P Analytik Jena



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    atomic absorption

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The ZEEnit 650 P represents a high performance atomic absorption spectrometer designed for completely automated graphite AAS with Zeeman and Deuterium background correction. It features an 8-lamp charger, enabling maximum automation and sample throughput, D2 and Zeeman (third generation) background correction, built-in RFID tool (for coded lamps), integrated super lamp power supply (allowing excellent analytical performance), built-in advanced vision tool (allowing excellent monitoring and control of both sample injection and drying) and transverse-heated graphite furnace (suitable for complex matrices and refractory elements). This model is also available with a single or double beam and owes it's excellent throughput to the unique variable sample introduction technique (easy processing of liquids and direct solids), high-performance autosampler MPE (over-night processing with functions such as intelligent dilution and enrichment, ensuring highest dosing precision) and dual atomizer concept.