atomic absorption spectrometer
ZEEnit 700 P Analytik Jena



  • Type:

    atomic absorption


The ZEEnit 700 P by Analytik Jena is an atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) which is designed for flame mode, hydride, HydrEA and graphite furnace technology. It features its ability to analyze liquid and solid samples that is compacted in on the same system. The machine comes with an 8 lamp turret which is suitable for coded lamps. Also, it has a furnace camera which is for monitoring and controlling sample introduction and combustion within the graphite tube. For background correction, it uses Deuterium and Zeeman. A variation of function is included in the unit which are useful for different application. This includes Atomization, pyrolysis temperature, magnetic field strength, two-field and three-field correction mode. Plus, it is equipped with two atomizers which enables switching within flame, hydride and graphite furnace techniques without any mechanical movement.