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Mass spectrometer for research applications demanding highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits

Applications such as leading-edge research benefit from the industry-leading sensitivity and low background noise of the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite. With its plasma system ReflexION ion mirror and true 3MHz quadrupole, it even exceeds the sensitivity specifications of magnetic sector-field ICP- mass spectrometers.
The analysis of smaller spot-sizes and improved spatial resolution are no problem thanks to the unmatched Gigahertz sensitivity of PlasmaQuant® MS Elite. Thus, it is perfect for laser ablation applications, e.g. in geochemistry, material sciences, and biological samples.
In single-particle analyses this mass spectrometer allows the detection of nano-particles of less than 10 nm diameter. For isotopic ratio determinations PlasmaQuant® MS Elite delivers excellent results due to outstanding abundance sensitivity in combination with the extended range all-digital detector. Furthermore, the series provides LC-ICP-MS capability.

Your benefits:
- ReflexION patented 90° reflecting ion mirror
- True 3MHz HD Quadrupole for superior mass separation
- ADD10 all-digital detection over 10 orders linear dynamic range
- Dual connection technology two entrance ports to the plasma compartment

PlasmaQuant® MS | PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Leading in ICP-OES and ICP-MS technology

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