nitrogen analyzer / carbon / temperature / benchtop
multi N/C® 2100/2100 S Analytik Jena



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    nitrogen, carbon

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The multi N/C® 2100/2100 S is a Total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN) analyzer. It is crafted with a focus radiation NDIR detector and a VITA® Flow Management System (multi N/C® 2100 S). This device can stand 950 °C, multi N/C® 2100 is equipped with a perfect injection technique for particle containing samples. It also has an auto-protection and is calibrated for a catalyst promoted high temperature combustion of up to 950 °C. It has a sample feed by valve- and septum-free direct injection and is ideal for small as well as for large sample volumes. The 2100/2100 S are upgradeable for simultaneous determination of TNb (ChD oer CLD). It is a Space-saving system with fully automatic autosamplers of different capacity. it is available either for HT 1300 or double furnace technology for solid analysis.