atomic absorption spectrometer / high-resolution / flame atomic absorption / graphite furnace atomic absorption
contrAA® 800 Analytik Jena



  • Type:

    atomic absorption

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, flame atomic absorption, graphite furnace atomic absorption


contrAA® 800 Series — Atomic Absorption. Redefined.

With a Xenon lamp emitting a continuous spectrum at high intensity, any element and wavelength can readily be analyzed whenever the requirement occurs – the contrAA® turned AAS into a true multi-element technique with unmatched flexibility. A high-resolution spectrometer with CCD detector produces a highly resolved absorption spectrum for each sample, providing deeper insight about the sample as well as visual proof of correct signal evaluation.

contrAA® 800 series — superior technologies guarantee for excellent results
• Multi Element
One light source for fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
• High-Resolution Optics
Low noise — better accuracy — lowest detection limits
• HD Spectrum
High-resolution 3D spectra display for detailed spectral information
• Dynamic Mode
Extended measurement range of up to 5 orders of magnitude

Available configurations:
contrAA® 800 F
For flame and hydride technology

contrAA® 800 G
For graphite furnace technique, solid AA®, and HydrEA

contrAA® 800 D
For flame and graphite furnace technique, solid AA®, hydride, and HydrEA

Seven reasons why contrAA® 800 should be part of every lab:
1. Comfortable handling
2. Maximum flexibility
3. Accelerated processes
4. Best Precision
5. Low space requirements
6. Long service life
7. Decades of experience

contrAA® – Atomic Absorption. Redefined.