protection sleeve / braided / for cables / fiberglass
Aero series Anamet Europe



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Applications:

    for cables

  • Material:


  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:

    flexible, high-temperature, AS1072

  • Temperature:

    800 °C (1,472 °F)

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 6 mm

    Max.: 102 mm


The ultimate heat protection for cables and hoses. This solid braided glass fiber sleeving, Whiteh thick silicone cover, is constructed according to the Aerospace Standard SAE AS1072 and allows qualified hose assemblies to pass the AS1055 testing. This Hiprojacket offers superior short term flame protection and excellent temperature reduction. In the field of cable protection, a complete program of Hiprojacket fittings is available for easy installation. Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and fuels, Hiprojacket protects against molten splash, occasional flames, heat radiation, energy loss in piping and hoses; also protects employees from burns. Hiprojacket is typically used in the Aerospace industry, steelworks, glass and ceramics industry, as wellas in the machine- and apparatus-building.