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CNC cutting / plastic / medium series / small series



  • Material:


  • Production method:

    large series, small series, medium series

  • Applications:

    for industrial applications

  • Certifications:

    ISO 9001

  • Other characteristics:



Our company specialises in the production of wide range of components for all industry branches while using the specialised CNC machines equipped with the oscillatory knives.

The computer-controlled devices in CAD/CAM system allow to obtain even quality of the cutting edge surfaces while keeping the thermal stability of the material.

Our machining possibilities are as follows:

Cutting-milling plotter
• 3100x1700x350 mm (working area)
Maximum thickness
• 150 mm (depending on the material type)
We are the leader in the range of realisation of serial orders and individual orders for the flange gaskets of any shapes. The large assortment of our stocks enables us to select optimally the highest class sealing material produced by the leading manufacturers such as DONIT TESNIT, GAMBIT, KLINGER, POLONIT.

The orders are fulfilled on the basis of the documentation received from the customer or prepared by our Technical Department as well as from the materials entrusted.

We offer you a wide range of cut-out products, including:

elements cut out of PTFE,
elements cut out of constructional plastics,
elements cut out of rubber (CR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, with spacers),
elements cut out of thermal insulating materials (card board, paper, ceramics)
elements cut out of silicone, Viton FPM FKM
elements milled out of non-ferrous metals
The precision, speed of order fulfilment, competitive prices are the reasons for trusting us!