portable force gauge / tension/compression / ergonomic / Bluetooth
Ergobar ANDILOG Technologies



  • Options and accessories:

    portable, tension/compression, ergonomic, Bluetooth

  • Rated force:

    500 N


A unique solution for the force measurement on handling trolleys

The Ergobar is the newcomer of the product range Ergokit. This portable force gauge with two handles has been specifically designed to answer the needs of ergonomists and occupational physicians wishing to measure the push and pull force on trolleys such as food trolleys, containers, forklifts, hospital beds and every other system of handling assistance for commodities or people. It enables to perform repeatable force measurements and gives indications on the initial and roller force.

The Ergobar is an essential force gauge to determine which trolley is best suited for the working environment and the task to conduct (thermal constraints, obstacles, degraded floors, material of the wheel, brakes etc.). It is also a key tool for the ergonomic studies which provides you with concrete results for your proposals for improvement and the optimization of the working conditions: determining the ideal weight of the loads to move, the travel speed, the slope steepness, the congestion of the working space, the gap between the elevator sill and the floor etc.

It is a highly precise device, easy to use and to install on various types of trolleys, which offers an optimal follow-up of the force data: the Ergobar is the most practical and indispensable solution for purposes of improving the in-house ergonomic of your company.