digital dynamometer / portable / tension/compression / rugged
CNR CT ANDILOG Technologies



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    portable, tension/compression, rugged, with graphic display, with touchscreen

  • Applications:

    for peel tests

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 5 N

    Max.: 1,000 N

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

    Max.: 100 kg (220.46 lb)


ANDILOG presents Centor Star Touch Force Gauge, an inexpensive, accurate, high precision force gauge, for force and torque measurement. Equipped with high end features like internal memory, measuring peaks, graphical display, it provides break force, average, curve force versus time or deflection, statistical calculations and real time pass/fail analysis based on user supplied tolerances. It produces sample measurement rates up to 5000 Hz with accuracy of 0.1%. Presence of RS232/USB ports enable communication with computers or network. The new colored touch screen technology enables easy operational use thus delivering performance. Icons help the operator for selection of appropriate measurement technique and method for their application with multi-language setup menus, prompts and results. On integration with the manufacturing process, Centor Touch communicates with controllers through fast TTL outputs. Functionality, flexibility and simplicity of Centor Touch provides solution for more sophisticated and economically feasible testing solutions for the factory floor.