water pump / electric / submersible / industrial
P 1501 Andrew Sykes



  • Media:


  • Operation:


  • Priming:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Flow:

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

    Max.: 24 m³/h (847.552 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    0 bar (0 psi)

  • Head:

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")

    Max.: 24 m (78'08")

  • Power:

    5 kW (6.8 hp)


P 1501 Series electric submersible drainer pumpSykes' P 1501 Series submersible drainer pumps are designed for use on general dewatering applications. Ideal for moving nuisance water, they are commonly deployed in a broad range of environments e.g. construction, utilities, mines and quarries, shipyards, docks and industrial sites to ensure projects remain on schedule. This 3” pump has a maximum flow rate of 24 L/sec and a maximum Head of 24 metres. The P 1501 is very robust and compatible for use with a 415V 3-Phase power supply. Low maintenance features enable trouble free uninterrupted use over long periods.