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GC-MS8000A Angstrom Advanced



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GC-MS8000A Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer system offers high performance, high reliability, and low cost for customers of all types, which is widely used in industrial inspection, food safety, environmental protection, etc.
Performance Advantage
Small, light and easy to carry
Electronic pressure/flow control system (EPC/EFC) on GC-MS8000A improves baseline stability and sensitivity
EI filaments provide high efficiency of electron emission Pre-quad removes undesirable contamination before the main analytical quadrupole and decreases cleaning frequency
High quality vacuum system combined with high energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier (EM) offer magnificent sensitivity Self-protector safeguards the system against the situations, which would normally damage expensive components and require significant repair
Advanced digital compensation technology on Radio Frequency (RF) power supply guarantees satisfactory sensitivity and resolution over full mass range
High performance-to-price ratio, low maintenance, long-term stable industry or lab use