particle analyzer / particle size distribution / benchtop / light scattering
ABT-9000 Angstrom Advanced



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    particle size distribution

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  • Other characteristics:

    light scattering, dynamic, laser


Basic IntroductionABT-9000 dynamic light scattering nano laser particle size analyzer is a project which Angstrom Advanced introduced research results and carries out with them together. The principle is when nano particles are scattered in medium, because of Brownian Motion of liquid molecular, nano particles are impacted and doing irregular movement, the smaller the particle is, the faster the movement is, so the range is bigger; the bigger the particle is, the slower the movement is, so the range is smaller. When nano particles are illuminated by laser beams, the pulsatile signalsof scattered light will be generated, the change rate of optical signal’s intensity has some connection with particles’ motion state (speed and range), that is, has some connection with particle diameter, photomultiplier receives these pulsatile signals of scattered light, transform them into electric signals, and process by digital correlator, identify validated dynamic light scattering signals, and then use inversion processing of software, equation of Stokes-Einstein, calculate the nano particle diameter and its particle size distribution.FeaturesHigh accuracy and repeatability: the error of accuracy and repeatability are much less than the allowable error through testing Standard Sample. The error of accuracy and repeatability are all less than 3%, other indexes are up to the International Standard ISO 13321Fast testing: just spend less than 5 minutes testing sample and getting an accurate result