zero air and nitrogen generator / laboratory / for LC/MS
GNA-300/500 Angstrom Advanced


  • Gas characteristics:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    for LC/MS

  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 0.3 l/min (0.08 us gal/min)

    Max.: 5 l/min (1.32 us gal/min)

  • Output pressure:

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)

    Max.: 500000 Pa (72.52 psi)


The GNA-300/500 is a combined nitrogen and air generator that delivers both element simultaneously. It exhibits a good combination of supporting gas and combustion supporting gas that produce pure air and nitrogen. It also has a maximum power consumption of 270 W.

The GNA-300/500 possesses similar benefits with other generators such as HYA and HGN. It is convenient to use, requiring only to switch on the power button to produce gas.