high-purity hydrogen gas generator / laboratory / multi-use
GHA-300/500 Angstrom Advanced



  • Gas characteristics:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)

    Max.: 5 l/min (1.321 us gal/min)

  • Output pressure:

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)

    Max.: 500,000 Pa (72.52 psi)


This instrument is based on the lModel HGH high purity hydrogen generator and Model HYA air generator. It can combine air in a very ingenious as well as reasonable way thanks to it never seen before design. It combines safety. convenience as well as reliability perfectly. It has an advance technique and offers very stable performance.
Hydrogen can be produced with air or only one of them can be generated as well.
Air Passage : If you have the problem of rusty water coming out of carbon-steel cylinder, it can be solved with ease with cylinder made out of stainless steel for storage of gas, which will in turn increase the purity of the air source.
Hydrogen Passage : It has a very modern switching power supply which enables efficiency of electrolysis and ensures it to be the highest.
A device with multi stage protection is installed so as to improve the efficiency as well as the safety of the instrument.
You can visit us at www.angstrom-advanced.com to know more information.