high-purity hydrogen generator / process / through ammonia decomposition / multi-use
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    through ammonia decomposition, multi-use



Hydrogen Generator by Ammonia Decomposition with Purifying System is very low cost; it has long service life, simple operation,
compact structure, small coverage, and is very simple to install. Liquid ammonia is used as source for hydrogen generator. The liquid
ammonia is vaporized and is heated by decomposition with catalyst into mixed gas containing 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen.
Based on the principle that the molecular sieve adsorbs different ammonia and water at different temperatures; high purity gas is
produced by heat regenerating through working at normal temperature.


H2 capacity 5-5000 Nm3/h
Impurity Oxygen ≤2ppm
Residual Ammonia ≤3ppm
Dew Point ≤-65C
Work pressure 0.05-0.2 MPa

Hydrogen Plant by Ammonia Features

Angstrom Advanced uses high-quality, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, stainless alloy steel as the gall of decomposition furnace to
ensure the long-term stable operation of our Hydrogen Generators
Great efficiency, all of the metal components ensured with Double-fin heat exchanger material to fully enhance the heat transfer area
High temperature nickel catalyst, low content of residual ammonia and good effect of decomposition