spectroscopic ellipsometer
250 - 2100 nm | PHE 103 Angstrom Advanced



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The PHE spectroscopic ellipsometer software has a model and film library with predetermined measurement parameters, which allow the operator to select an application and quickly execute a measurement. The library includes several hundred of different models. The user friendly PHE Spectroscopic software allows the user to measure and analyze multiple material layers and complex thin film structures with mixed layers, interface layers and much more. The state-of-art software has several hundred material models. The PHE-102 ellipsometer includes all the hardware and software needed for acquiring and analyzing all sample data. In addition, PHE-103 ellipsometer software is the most comprehensive program available for data acquisition and analysis. It combines state-of-the-art mathematical fitting algorithms with a large selection of modeling options for fast and accurate data analysis. An advanced spectroscopic ellipsometry software .