liquid pipeline / for gas
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liquid pipeline / for gas liquid pipeline / for gas


  • Applications:

    for liquids, for gas


Product introduction
Pipeline is mainly used for liquid and gas transmission, including bending pipe, variable diameter pipe, three-way pipe,
three-way hemispheroid, five-way hemispheroid, etc. The small diameter and thick wall bending pipe, is made from pipe
bender bending the seamless pipe directly, but for large diameter and thin wall bending pipe ,or isomerism pipeline, there
are difficult to use general equipment meets the requirement of design and use. For example, if using pipe bender to
process the large diameter and thin wall bending pipe, the yield is low, and the tube wall thickness of inner radius be
increased . even appeared folds, the tube wall thickness of outer radius be reduced, bearing pressure capacity is weaken,
causing the risk of leakage; Because of the difficulty of manufacture, using general machinery is impossible to produce the
isomerism pipeline ,such as tee hemispheroid.
In pipeline production areas ,Weimai has its own R&D team, leading technology for sheet metal, advanced technological
process, complete production line, help customers to solve the problem, obtained the customer high praise.
Weimai has never stopped innovating, the company is constantly improving existing technology for sheet metal, such as
internal high-pressure forming and ultra thin wall pipe forming have been listed in the innovation of the company directory.

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