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Combined Cycle

Combined Cycle Power Plants are composed of a gas turbine cycle and a steam cycle, to recover the heat power of the flue gas, for both electrical energy production and heat power production. Combined Cycle solutions allows peculiar advantages in fuel economization, a large range of flexibility strategies for power production, an optimisation of the whole plant efficiency and a limited environmental impact.
A distinctive feature of Ansaldo Energia is its in-house manufacturing capability for all major plant components, such as generators, steam and gas turbines, the other plant components, such as HRSGs, condensers and plant auxiliaries are purchased from selected suppliers.
Ansaldo Energia offers multiple choices: the turboset package can be supplied as a standalone system together with the electrical generator, the turboset auxiliaries and the control system; it can be integrated with thermal cycle equipment to form a complete power island; or it can be extended to include all the components and systems in a complete turnkey plant.
Ansaldo Energia’s modular approach combines the benefits of a pre-engineered combined cycle design with the flexibility needed for customisation according to specific site or Client requirements, as well as allowing to adapt the solutions on the offer to maximise customer satisfaction.