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Work gloves / cold weather / latex / fabric
PowerFlex® 80-400 Ansell Occupational Healthcare


  • Application:


  • Type of protection:

    cold weather

  • Material:

    latex, fabric


Ansells PowerFlex® 80-400 glove is a general-purpose glove that is designed to provide outstanding insulation from cold conditions, as well as high comfort and grip.
This glove combines a thermal terry loop acrylic liner with a naturally insulating latex coating, ensuring excellent insulation against the cold. This glove provides comfort and protection for the wearer in temperatures down to as low as -30°C, for short or intermittent contact.
With a terry loop acrylic liner that is bright yellow in colour, the PowerFlex® 80-400 glove offers extra high visibility in low or poor light conditions. This extra visibility brings additional safety for external workers when its getting dark.

Shipping and receiving
Refuse collection
Refrigeration and cooling plants
Perishables warehousing
Public maintenance
Outdoor construction work


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