Varnish dissolvent / paint
AST-PVR™ Anti-Seize Technology

AST-PVR™ is a thick jelled stripper that quickly dissolves cements, carbon deposits, dried oils, and greases.Strips paint, varnish, and decals in seconds. Eliminates damage often caused by excessive scraping and othermechanical methods.

Features and Benefits:

Jelled product stays where sprayed
Helps eliminate surface damage
Dissolves asphalt, carbon and other hard-to-remove deposits
Excellent graffiti remover

Metal, stone, glass, wood, plaster, masonry, fiberglass, concrete, tile, and ceramics. Provides quick and easy removal of paint, lacquer, enamel, varnish, shellac, acrylics, and tar. Removes carbon deposits from valves, pistons, cylinder heads, and much more.


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