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beverage analyzer / concentration / density / benchtop
PBA-SI Generation M Anton Paar



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    concentration, density

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The PBA-SI Generation M (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Soft Drinks with Inversion) is the up-to-date measuring system for beverage analysis. Determine sugar (°Brix), CO2 and degree of inversion in soft drinks without prior sample degassing. The beverage is filled into the analysis system directly from its container and is then measured within five minutes: °Brix, CO2 and degree of inversion are determined in a single work step. By simultaneously measuring both density and sound velocity the current °Brix, the °Brix before the start of the inversion, the °Brix after full inversion and the current degree of inversion are determined fully automatically. The modular system consists of the Soft Drink Analyzer M/P density and sound velocity meter, the CarboQC ME CO2 measuring module, and the PFD Filling Device (Plus).