metal sheet vacuum lifting device / for heavy loads / electric / horizontal
E3000M12-500AD-6/53FX ANVER Vacuum System Specialists



  • Product applications:

    for metal sheets, for heavy loads

  • Power:


  • Options:


  • Number of cups:

    12 unit

  • Carrying capacity:

    Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)

    13,608 kg (30,001 lb)

    Max.: 13,608 kg (30,001 lb)


The Anver E3000M12-500AD-6/53FX is a high-capacity metal plate vacuum lifter constructed in a robust and high grade framework. It comprises of oversized lifting frames, vacuum pads, vacuum stations, filters, lights, others to deliver optimum performance even in heavy mill-duty applications. This custom equipment is engineered with various design improvements to handle heavy-metal plates in mills, metal centers and large fabricators.

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