rectangular vacuum suction cup / for vacuum / lifting / foam
BH series ANVER Vacuum System Specialists



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    for vacuum, lifting, foam


The BH series are vacuum lifting system pad attachments for virtually all industrial bag and sack lifting applications. It is intended for robotic end effectors, tube lift system and pick and place machines. The high quality rubber seals are long lasting and will lift even crumpled bags with ease. This is also best to utilize with vacuum tube filter systems in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The stainless bag head vacuum pad has a stainless steel top cover, stainless or plastic mesh screen, and hand-replaceable foam sealing rings. These are tough and heavy-duty pads for constant industrial utilization. While the plastic bag heads handles the most usual utilized bags. They are heavy-duty, weightless, has a resistance in reduction and is best for the vital implementation.