qualification tester / LAN network / for cables / digital



  • Test type:

    qualification, LAN network

  • Tested product:

    for cables

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, portable


EASYLAN is a powerful LAN tester for cabling certification. With 300 MHz pass band, it validates cabling systems well above specifications of the TIA standard, level III. In case of non-conformity, EASYLAN is able to detect the origin of the fault: connector, cable…

EASYLAN is suitable for certification over:
- Copper and optical cabling systems up to Cat 6
- Networks such as Ethernet, ATM, Tokenring as well as Gigabit-Ethernet.

The embedded site manager enables the operator to sort certifications efficiently, regardless of the size of the site or the number of average size sites. The ID generator total test duration is reduced due to the use of the ID generator by automatic recognition of the plugs. Test conclusion (pass or fail) is displayed on EASYLAN and the remote unit.
High quality reports

The 1,700 test results stored in the memory of the instrument can be transferred to PC and managed by EASYSOFT software to create certification reports site by site. Reports include all test parameters and graphics requested by the standards and can be presented under comprehensive or short format.

Forget about technique, EASYLAN will undertake it for you. It certifies your LAN according to the selected standard, and tests all parameters required by it. Now, more than ever easy-to-use, spend your time in certifying and not on training.