Coating thickness gauge
2.5 - 5 µm | epsilon 5000 AP2E


Epsilon 5000 relies on a rugged industrial spectrometer (range: 2.5 - 5.0 pm) providing
real-time full spectrum information for improved reliability of the measurement. It integrates
an extended source and distance sensors, rendering the analyzer impervious to subtrate
movements in all three dimensions (includes tilt).
Epsilon 5000 is rugged, easy to use, and can be installed anywhere without requiring any
modification of the manufacturing line. It is 5000 is available with ATEX-compliant
integration and/or travelling carriage.
Measurement of ticknesses from 1 to 100 pm. The epsilon 5000 allows measurement of a
wide range of material and thicknesses without modification.
LoD is less than 0.5 pm (thin films) and 4 - 5 pm (thick films).
The epsilon 5000 currently is the only real-time thickness measurement analyzer providing
a thickness reading as soon as the coating is applied to the (still moving) substrate. There is
no need anymore to wait until the coating is dry to know its thickness. This unique feature is
enabled by the imperviousness of the device to substrate movements in all 3 dimensions.
The epsilon 5000 can be installed on the process line without requiring its modification. It can
even be easily adapted to various existing travelling carriage systems. It does not require
any special certification (e.g. does not contain any radioactive source). There is positioning
constraints for the analyzer in relationship with the (moving) substrate.


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