High-power UPS / data center / modular / fault-tolerant
400 - 480 V, 400 - 1 600 kW | Symmetra MW series APC MGE


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Product applications:

    data center

  • Other characteristics:

    fault-tolerant, modular


Symmetra MW is the world's largest modular UPS with modular, fault-tolerant UPS in the 400-1600 kilowatt range. The unit is ideally used in large data centers, complete buildings, healthcare and other critical facility protection requirements and in changing electrical demand applications. Internal N+1 configurability, predictive failure notification and multi-module paralleling features increases availability of Symmetra MW.

The unit offers low ownership cots with best-in-class efficiency and at economical of cost electrical infrastructure- wires, transformers and generators. Slide-in/out power modules, manageable external batteries and self-diagnosing features significantly minimizes repair time. Symmetra MW offers easy combination with various line-up and match options ensuring flexible customization system in a standardized design for any large on-demand network-critical physical infrastructure.


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