On-line UPS / frequency / power factor / high density
100 - 230 V, 1 - 2 kVA | Smart-UPS series APC MGE


  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    frequency, power factor, high density

  • Mounting:

    integrated, rack-mount

  • Domain:

    industrial, medical, network


The Smart-UPS On-Line protection unit is available for servers, labs and other industrial spaces. This can manage loads that go from 1 to 20 kVA in a rack or tower and can manage 2U to 12U settings. This can work with extensions at 15 and 20 kVA and can manage strong equipment loads. These are made to work with quick run times and can even be adjusted with battery packs that work with all the demands you have for managing a system. It works with many battery packs and can manage runtime needs of all sorts while helping you to shutdown different operating systems with care without risking possible damages. The models all work with network management cards to handle remote needs and can even work with some strong values for wide inputs.


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