Inertial navigation system
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Spectrum Sensors & Control’s inertial measurement systems, formerly from Summit Instruments, include complete six degrees of freedom as well as telemetry kits: instrumentation, sensors, power, and transmitter in a small, rugged package. Spectrum offers three models of inertial measurement systems: 65210E (Extended), 65210A (Standard) 65210ES (Standard, smaller size). Each measurement system provides complete solutions for stores separation and compatibility testing, including various aircraft tests such as Aircraft Stores Separation Test and Captive Carry Testing. All systems are completely self-contained and require no power from the aircraft undergoing testing. The systems are easy-to-use and can be installed and configured in less than 20 minutes. With configurable sensor parameters and telemetry settings, these flexible instruments allow for quick and easy changes. Spectrum’s inertial measurement systems can also be tailored to meet specific requirements.

• Easily configurable
• Offers six degrees of freedom
• Rotational rates up to 1200°/sec
• Accelerations up to ±100g, full scale
• Self-contained
• Extended and standard capability models available
• Ideal for aircraft stores separation tests and dynamic flight-test characteristics
• In accordance with ITAR
• Rates up to 42,500 samples/sec/channel
• Telemetry kits available


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