automatic punching machine / electric / for profiles / tube
MODULAR Apollo S.r.l



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    for profiles, tube

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Our Modular for punching tubes and profiles, is normally equipped with a bar feeder called Speedy, complete with step-by-step motors, thanks to which it can reach a top speed of 12 meters per minute.

Its two punching heads have a capacity of 6.5 tons each.

The tubes are positioned according to the programme set and stored on the programmer. This machine can simultaneously punch either one or two rows of holes on the same tube. It can be supplied with an additional vertical head, so that either square or rectangular tubes can be punched on 3 or 4 sides in a single run in the machine.

It is suitable for punching tubes of various lengths according to customers'demands.

This machine is supplied complete with all specific accessories and tools for punching different sized tubes.