automatic punching machine / CNC / servo-electric / for profiles
MODULAR Apollo S.r.l



  • Control:

    automatic, CNC

  • Drive type:


  • Product handled:

    for profiles, tube


Our Modular for punching tubes and profiles, is normally equipped with a bar feeder called Speedy complete with step-by-step motors, thanks to which, it can reach a top speed of 12 meters per minute.

Our Modular is manufactured in two models each with a different capacity , that is
6.5 tons and 10 tons. A second punching head, aligned with the first one, can be added to this machine; this way, the profiles can be automatically punched and cut to the desired length.

Our Modular is suitable for punching bars of various lengths, which are punched according to the programme set on the programmer. It is sold complete with specific accessories and tools for punching the parts according to the final customer's request.